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Small Shifts, Great Rewards #1

If this is you,…

You pour your heart into your practice,

Invest time, energy and money,

Give blood, sweat and tears,

than true success is right around the corner.

It doesn’t take transformation or huge changes.

All it takes are small shifts to see great rewards.

Here’s one…

“Chase money and come up empty handed. Pursue influence and gain the world.” -JK

If you are constantly,…

  • Checking your bank account,
  • Worrying about money,
  • Trying to hide it, save it or hoard it,

Instead, try this…

  • Express your ideas, solutions, and tips more.
  • Write more, share more, post more.
  • Focus your topic, niche, and reach.

And what you might find is your purpose and passion…and gain the world.




A Physician Walked Into My Clinic Complaining of Neck and Back Pain

The physician was a 42 y/o female and she strolled into my clinic. She asked for me specifically, and I had some time, so I met with her.

She began telling me that she was having back and neck pain. Kinda down-playing it as she talked about it (like she was too good for back pain or something).

She was very professional and somewhat aloof the entire time–a bit straight-postured and uppity.

But as I did my Quick Screen, she began to melt.

Her uppity demeanor washed away.

I could see she was in bad shape.

She worked 12-hour days and saw a lot of patients, and by the looks of her musculoskeletal condition, she was highly stressed.

I did what I do with all highly stressed back and neck patients…

…a 12-point pressure-point test (slash release), Nervous System Spiking (NSS) which fatigues the hyper-nervous system, and two Multi-Functional Movements (MFM).

By the time we were finished, which took 40-minutes total, she was like mush and looked drowsy as if she was about to lay down and fall asleep right there.

She left not saying anything.

She never came back.

I wasn’t sure if I had helped her or not.

(Jump forward 2-weeks)

I was eating at a restaurant with three of my friends when, out of the blue, up walks the 42 y/o physician I had treated 2-weeks earlier.

She says,

“I’m sorry to interrupt…(as she politely acknowledged my friends). May I speak with you James?”

And of course I say, “Sure.”

But I have to admit that for a brief millisecond my first thought was, “S*#t, did I mess her up??”

She pulled me aside, and privately…

glared directly into my eyes…

and with a serious (but amiable) look proclaimed,…

“You saved my life.”

I’ve had patients say this to me before but this one came totally unexpectedly.

I replied, “Why, what happened?”

She went on to tell me that she hadn’t slept for more than a month. She couldn’t fall asleep. The stress, the tension was so engulfing.

“But that night, after you treated me, I slept for days!”

“You saved my life, James, and I’m so indebted to you.”

“Is there anything I can do for you?”

She primarily saw HMO patients so I never really got any patients from her ever (but that’s beside the point).

Earlier I had learned that she chose me, even though we had never met, because she felt she trusted me.

You see I do a special type of physician marketing. It’s called, “Getting Physicians to Love and Trust Me Without Ever Meeting Me”

And it leads to many physicians coming to me for care, even though they have never sent me a patient ever in their entire life.

I’m a 100% cash-based therapist.

It works even better for those in-network on ins plans.

This is a special kind of marketing and I show it in the TRANSCEND ClinicalEX Bootcamp.

It doesn’t get you a ton of new patients right away but it does open up doors especially with,

  • physicians who can’t refer to you (HMO’s, etc.)
  • physicians who belong to hospitals and,
  • physicians who would never send to you.

You’ll eventually become their “GoTo” therapist for their entire family and friends (spouse, kids, grandparents, etc.), even though they are locked into the hospital, large group, have their own PT, or HMO.

And believe me when I say, there’s a ton of business they can send despite these barriers.

And you might even become friends and go golfing, biking, and hiking together.

If you want to know more, join my private facebook group here and I’ll keep you updated of future trainings, free and paid.

James Ko, PT

P.s. I’ll be sharing my special treatment technique and program called “Stress-Tension Pain Releaser (STPR)” which is specifically for those with high stress jobs causing neck and back pain in the upcoming TRANSCEND ClinicalEX Bootcamp. So, join my private facebook group to get updated on that.