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Small Shifts, Great Rewards #1

If this is you,…

You pour your heart into your practice,

Invest time, energy and money,

Give blood, sweat and tears,

than true success is right around the corner.

It doesn’t take transformation or huge changes.

All it takes are small shifts to see great rewards.

Here’s one…

“Chase money and come up empty handed. Pursue influence and gain the world.” -JK

If you are constantly,…

  • Checking your bank account,
  • Worrying about money,
  • Trying to hide it, save it or hoard it,

Instead, try this…

  • Express your ideas, solutions, and tips more.
  • Write more, share more, post more.
  • Focus your topic, niche, and reach.

And what you might find is your purpose and passion…and gain the world.