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Your Character Trait Might Be Holding You Back

We are people pleasers by nature.

Studies show that over 83% of us who go into healthcare are very much the same. We share very similar characteristics.

(it takes a special kind of person to enter this profession)

We are found to be…

  • deep thinkers
  • generous
  • problem-solvers
  • thoughtful
  • and giving

But we are also found to be…

  • stubborn
  • critical
  • full of great ideas (but lack execution)
  • anal
  • and very intolerant of human incompetency

We wish to be loved but rarely achieve it so we settle for being liked.


  • Try and please everyone.
  • Stay late for patients,
  • Treat without getting paid,
  • Bend over backwards,
  • Work our asses off (Even though our pay hasn’t risen for over 10 years!)


  • Write-off patient debt,
  • Hate asking for money,
  • Pay staff before paying ourselves,


  • Like to reward yet rarely punish,
  • Take forever letting someone go, (and almost cry when we do)
  • Don’t praise enough yet expect a lot,

We are hard to work with (and live with) but yet we won’t change.

We are healthcare.

We provide care at the expense of our own health.

No one ever pats us on the back yet we keep going.

We strive…and we push…and we get the job done, because that’s who we are…

We never give up. We’re stubborn.

The problem is how long can we keep this up?

Is it admirable?…Yes.

Is it healthy?…(I’m not so sure.)

But what I do know is…

We should stop trying to please EVERYONE.

We should stop towing the middle line and remain unnoticed.

Stop being “palatable” and start being exciting!

We should stop fearing being hated.

(Even if it means losing some patients or physicians.)

And start recognizing the truth that in order to be loved, we must first be hated.

The more successful you become, the more haters that come at you.

Are you ready for success?

Do you have a voice?

We all have a strong powerful voice within us, and it’s about time to let it shine.

Don’t hold it back.

Don’t feel ashamed.


Let it out.

Start living it.

Start success.


Life is short.

Start finding your strong, powerful inner voice.

Start today.

Peace out…

James Ko, PT

P.s. If you are part of the other 17%, ignore this.