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Prep Training

1) Make Room for Success: Many don’t understand that “Success” requires space.

Start by making a list of what you do, and how you spend your time, during a typical week (Sun-Fri). Kinda like a diary.

  1. To start being successful, you must cut-out the time you spend on things that don’t directly affect your business’ bottom line. It’s important to make time for higher level ($300/hr) projects and tasks. It’s the number one reason most private practice owners don’t grow is they don’t take control of their own actions from day to day. Getting a clear picture of how you are spending your time, energy and efforts is the perfect start to creating more time for yourself.
  2. Then look at this list and check only those items that are directly in alignment with where you are wanting to go with your practice. If something is not in alignment with your goal, don’t check it.
  3. How many items were checked?

If you are filling your day with non-essential activities you won’t bring on more success. “Non-essential activities” are things NOT in alignment with your goal for your business.

Simply stop doing it. -OR-

If it’s something that needs to get done, wean off it by delegating it to someone else (an employee, spouse, friend, family member, etc.). But you MUST start focusing on only the essential items and activities from now on.

That’s the only way to grow.

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2) Frequently ask yourself…

“Is this something what I should be doing right now or is there something more important?”

  1. Failure is like a magnet and it’s always trying to pull you towards it. Getting distracted from doing essential tasks is a constant battle.
  2. Over time you get better and it’s get’s easier to stay focused but you must try and make an effort at all times.
  3. If you find yourself working on the wrong task, STOP immediately and go to the essential task at once.

Most people only spend 40% of their time on “Essential Tasks” and waste the other 60% doing things that have nothing to do with where they are trying to go. This causes failure.

In order to earn more success, you must make a shift to at least 60% on essential tasks. In order to earn GREAT success, you must increase it to 100%.

There’s no other way.

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3) What are your Bad Habits?

If you don’t identify your “bad” habits, you can’t create a plan to stop them…and subsequently you won’t begin new GREAT ones.”

There are 2 categories of BAD habits. They are…

  1. Personal bad habits are things like Netflix, Facebooking, Pinning, Youtubing, video games, porn, mindless internet browsing, and so on.
  2. Business bad habits are anything that an employee should be doing such as researching, bookkeeping, purchasing, ordering, billing, cleaning, etc. And standing-in-line (anywhere) such as at the bank, post office, dry-cleaner, carwash, supermarket, etc.

Stop bad habits and the doors of opportunity will open for you. This is a promise.

This is a great start.

Work on these 3 lessons and then see if there are any openings for the next upcoming class here to start learning the tasks, projects, and habits that lead to an extra $100k or more this year.

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