Do you think these will help? – Advanced Power Coaching for Physical and Occupational Therapists

Do you think these will help?

Do you think these will help you?

“The Secret to Holding Open Clinics for a Ton of More New Patients”

It certainly helped this recent coaching student…

There’s a right and wrong way to do these. And this was her FIRST ONE! It gets better and better progressively!

“How to Do Workshops and Convert a Wave of New Patients”

This one used my template to convert EVERY attendee!

With all the changes in private practice today, it’s not easy creating, growing and thriving.

If you want to be successful, research is showing you must have the following:

  1. A clear and focused plan of action
  2. Stay up to date on the latest strategies
  3. Easy to copy methods that are proven to work
  4. Accountability to keep you on track
  5. Someone who you can go to for guidance and answers for your unique situation

That’s why I’m launching the APC MasterMind June 20th.

It’s 21 weeks of live webinar coaching with me. Each one geared to taking you leaps-n-bounds closer to your goal, fast!

Get all the methods and easily copy it!

All the tools.

All the guidance.

By the time we are finished, you will be a “Power Owner”.

One that makes more money, controls their practice (and future), AND has a complete system for future growth well after we’re done!

All for just one low price.

This is just a list of BONUSES you get:

  • Power Training Room access. It’s a private online room where,…
  • Replays of all weekly webinar trainings in case you miss one.
  • Videos you can watch to learn new skills at your own pace.
  • Download amazing forms, tools, flyers, you won’t find anywhere
  • and more!

You’ll Also Get:

  • How to charge more and actually get people wanting to pay it.
  • Ready-made elective service programs you can start implementing immediately.
  • Staff recruiting and building strategies for easy scaling.
  • Time-cutting strategies for all your daily tasks.
  • The latest apps and software you MUST know about and how to use them for growth.
  • and more.

Therapists are known for their proclivity to having great ideas…but lacking the ability to fully execute them.

You’ll start actually getting things done.

“I’ve accomplished more in 11 weeks than I have all last year!”

-Joseph Ruzich, PT

You can’t keep doing the same things over and over again expecting different results .

It’s helping practice owners, just like yourself, enjoy a better life…and do it quickly.

Stop trying to figure it out yourself.

Stop wasting time.

Stop wasting money and energy.

Grab this last seat available at the low, low, low price.

Just one more new patient each month pays for the entire program!

Do you think this program will help you gain just 1 more new patient each month ?

Try 10-50 more each month (at higher pay), that’s what you can expect!

Don’t be unwise…

You know this is the perfect solution to your worries and uncertainties.

Be decisive.

Be smart.

Take action.

Change your future for the better now.

Don’t wait.

Do it now.

James Ko, PT

P.s. There’s a 100% Money-Back guarantee so you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Enroll now.

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