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Marketing Made Easy


You are in the business of solving problems. You’re a hero for many. For those you already helped but also for those who don’t even know you yet.

You have a solution people need. One that’s all natural, long lasting, and fast acting.

It can change lives.

If your clinic business is not growing it could be just a simple case of…

Not enough people knowing about your solution.

What would happen if just 10 new people knew about it?…100?…1000?

What would that do?

How would it make you feel?

Let’s get people knowing about your solution {{ subscriber.first_name }}!

It starts by outlining your solution in a way people understand it. It’s easy. Here’s how to do it…

  1. What problem does it solve?
  2. How does it solve it?
  3. How’s it better than other things they might have tried?
  4. Who exactly is it for? (the more specific the better)
  5. Who is providing it?
  6. Has anyone tried it? If so, what did they say about their experience?
  7. How much is it?
  8. How do I get started?

This is essentially all that’s needed to start!

Get started {{ subscriber.first_name }}.

In the next email, you will learn more on how to get more clients.

Do you have any questions? Just shoot them to me in our private group and I’ll get to it as quickly as I can.

Talk soon!


P.s. Sometimes when trying to get good at direct marketing one can get lost in the details. Getting back to the basics can help you improve your skill.

Michael Jordan once said that he focuses on the basics…for hours and hours each day. That’s what enables him to do the miraculous.

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