APC7 Questions and Situations to Address – Advanced Power Coaching for Physical and Occupational Therapists

APC7 Questions and Situations to Address

  1. I wish I (or my receptionists) could convince patients to schedule with my other therapists to free up my schedule more.
  2. I owe that copay every time I come in? I’ll go to the other place they never charged me that.
  3. The person who brings in 2-3 insurance cards like united health care, blue cross, and Medicaid. Then says and is convinced they do not owe any patient responsibility because they are “covered” by all 3 plans
  4. We have a difficult time with responding to the question why is there a difference from the estimated price that you quoted at the initial evaluation to what I am financially responsible for?
  5. When attempting to collect payments from services that have been denied by insurance companies. We had a situation where there was a credit card and signature on file and after multiple attempts at correspondence and letters sent we charged the credit card, sent a copy to the patient and the credit card company came back and recouped the money due to patient complaint.
  6. “I’m not working right now and can’t afford that many sessions per week or can’t pay that much for the session” (even $50 per session seems to be too much for some).
  7. “I have a high deductible and if I pay what I would pay for in network copay (say $50) to come to you, how do I submit what I am paying to my insurance? Will it still be applied to my OON deductible if you are not in network? “
  8. When marketing and referral coordinators in Drs office just want to know what insurance plans you take and how to explain you may not be in network with many yet but still send anyway???
  9. If you cancel on me can I charge you a cancellation fee?
  10. We are on the blue shield provider list but we are an out of network provider with them. Families frequently call insisting that we are in network because we are on the list.
  11. Patients who are non-compliant
  12. How much would it cost to come here without a prescription or as just for a tune up?
  13. Setting up cash fee schedule and a packages and knowing how to sell it to patients; without violating insurance contract agreements. Knowing how to streamline efforts for providing these services.
  14. “Do I have to pay the cancel fee if I am sick the morning of my apt?”
  15. Drop off pts- those that just disappear 🙁
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