S3: 3 BIG Ways to Use Your Nitrogen Tools – Advanced Power Coaching for Physical and Occupational Therapists

S3: 3 BIG Ways to Use Your Nitrogen Tools

Here are your action steps from S3 of “Nitrogen”

  1. Tell your story that leads into WHY you decided to go into the therapy profession to help others, and HOW you are accomplishing that.
  2. Create a video addressing the #1 greatest concern people have when deciding whether they should start therapy or not. Download the script of James video below.

Download the Script of This Awesome Video here to make it super easy to create your video!

3. Create a Patient Story to compel people to take action and start therapy with you (versus going somewhere else or alternative treatment).

Get all the tools, downloads, links and replay in the PTR.

You can also get the link to Regie’s web page that I referred to in the webinar 🙂

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