Week 5 Session Chat – Advanced Power Coaching for Physical and Occupational Therapists

Week 5 Session Chat

Chad Hello all Pueblo CO
Jarod hi jarod
Amber Happy Tuesday everyone!
Mike Uhrlaub Hi All!
Joe K Hey all
Mindy aloha everyone ūüôā
Jurgen Hello¬† …… everyone
Mike Uhrlaub If we had that all down, we all would have 96% compliance!
Chad Very
Mike Uhrlaub Extremely important!  Its why compliance is an issue at times.
Amber Vital
Mindy very important!
Joe K it is very important
Shawn Hello
Chad Show up, be coachable, pay on time, tell friends and family
Mindy all the Chad says
Mindy i want them to LOVE us and to know we are different!
Amber Them to keep coming back to you
Jarod to be engaged
Jarod do HEP
Jurgen Ya
Jarod yes
Chad yes
Mindy yes
Chad upset us
Jarod yes, upset me
Mindy yes please
Chad please share
Amber All of it
Mike Uhrlaub all of it
Joe K give it to us
Erin hi everyone
Chad For me, but I need to get my staff to get it to be systematic.  But of course I can improve
Erin lol  we are not nearly as efficient as we should be
Erin i fee like im herding cats
Larry We are stuck in treatments as service.
Mike Uhrlaub I need to improve myself.  I know my staff needs to.  I often have to fight to get them to move in the direction that I want.
Joe K we are stuck on achieving number 8
Mike Uhrlaub Fixing the mindset of the new therapists is an uphill battle.
Larry I have been contemplating a case worker of sorts that supports the parent of the patient and facilitates collaboration between disciplines.
Amber Shatter false beliefs about their pain
Chad Awareness of where we are, what are we doing wrong and correct it, measure how we are doing regularly
Larry Bingo!¬† I’ve been preaching this to my therapists for years, but I agree that it’s tough on the therapist to manage both within treatment.
Mindy yes
Chad Yes
Regie Do we make that only for myself or do we make one for each therapist?
Mike Uhrlaub absolutely!
Regie Got it. And each therapist get their own text number also?
Jurgen That is awesome¬†¬† ….James !!¬†¬†¬† It will be a game changer !
Chad Ray Croc
Mike Uhrlaub NO
Jurgen Take away !
Mike Uhrlaub yes
Mindy heck ya it does!
Larry We are having success with mindfulness aspects added to Tx sessions, and a  good step for Peds in the Step by Step Plan (delivered to parent) would include what the parent should do with the child to pre-prep them for each session before showing up.  Too many times the kiddo shows up hopped up on candy or parent decided to somehow add to stress right before showing up.
Chad Would this stand for a flow sheet and daily note combination all in one form.
Mike Uhrlaub Do you use this in conjunction with the movement log?
Jarod mentally
zach HOw do you document all this? EMR or paper
zach ?
Regie Each therapist get their own text number?
Mindy Thanks James!
Chad A lot but great tools today
Larry Thanks!
Mindy Will we go over next week on how to put the free repot book on FB?
Jurgen This SESSION  was the BOMB !
Jurgen Thank You
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