APCX 2 Schedule – Advanced Power Coaching for Physical and Occupational Therapists

APCX 2 Schedule

“The 3-Step Cash Client Success For Life Method”

All Webtraining sessions are Tuesdays at 12pm PST (3pm EST) unless otherwise noted.

Week 1:  How to Start Selling Cash Programs in As Little As 7-Days With Better Activation and Conversion Techniques

How to overcome the deductible and co-pay issue. Train your staff easily. How to get paid upfront before you even incur the cost of services.

Week 2: The 10 Essential Tools and How to Use Them

The right tools can make anything easy…especially Cash Client sales. From promotion tools, to activation and conversion tools, to authority building tools, to clinical and treatment tools, to advertising and sales tools. You’ll master all of them.

Week 3: Where to Find a Pool of Your Best Clients

Cut-to-the-chase and go straight to your best prospective clients with a proprietary low-cost promotion channel. BONUS: How to use “Open-Clinics”, “Workshops”, and group classes to grow your volume.

Week 4: How to Increase Volume with Free & Cheap Advertising

A great way to reach the masses in your community, is to use free and cheap advertising. Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. I show you the most effective ways to get in front of your ideal client, with the right message.

Week 5: Structure Your Treatment Plans That Drive Cash Clients Crazy!

If you want to keep cash clients for life, you must deliver your services differently than you currently do with insurance patients. It’s a hard truth pill to swallow but until you admit there is a problem you can’t improve and explode your cash client revenue.  Demonstrating value is a skill–one that requires to be learned.

Week 6: The Top 3 Elective Service Campaigns That Sell

Learn the most popular programs that are selling today. Get the secret to adding fitness and wellness in your therapy programs if you aren’t already. And if you are, learn how to revamp it for success. Getting patients wanting to buy fitness and wellness requires skill. But you can learn the skill in 7-days. You will learn how much to charge, when to offer it, and more.

Week 7: How to Seamlessly Transition Clients to Fitness/Wellness During or After Therapy

This is where you take your business over the top. Learn what to say, what to do, what tools are necessary, and how to do it. This is where you really achieve super success. Selling fitness and wellness dramatically boosts your revenue but your sense of fulfillment as well. Get all the steps and tools needed to make it happen!

Week 8: How to Increase Your Rates Without Feeling Guilty Where Clients Are Happy to Pay and You Feel Better About Your Business and Future

I know you don’t want to “overcharge” your patients. That’s not what I’m talking about. Once you add fitness and wellness to your therapy program, you immediately increase your value. I just want you to put your education and training to work and charge a fee that’s closer to what you are worth. After this module, you’ll understand how this all works and why it’s BEST for your patients/clients and best for you as well.


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