Private Session Made Public

This "Novice" Practice Owner is Killing it

(Find out why)

She graciously agreed to make this private coaching session public so that you can benefit. So please leave a comment of gratitude for her below and let her know how you feel.

(View the step-by-step topics below the comment section)

  • What she is working on
  • Her idea of what needs to be done
  • why “therapy” becomes less priority
  • what causes therapy to become less priority
  • the 3 common times this phenomenon occurs
  • the solution to overcoming this phenomenon
  • why she is not ready
  • the #1 thing holding you back from success
  • what the focus should be
  • a look at her website and rsvp page
  • fb boost post
  • a switch idea (different workshop)
  • where her activity is greatest
  • what event she should be doing
  • how long it will take to do a different or another event
  • what type of event to do
  • “what fast acting technique should I do?” with volunteer
  • “what pretest should I do?”
  • “how should I launch this second workshop?”
  • What to make sure you do when people rsvp.
  • how to duplicate attendees
  • how it works
  • why having an email system is important
  • sample email and fixes
  • how to write better emails
  • why not to have a logo pic in emails
  • what format to use
  • how to quickly resize photos
  • why emails go to promotions folder
  • how one quick adjustment to your email makes it much more compelling
  • avoid this at all cost
  • how to construct an email properly
  • a very important feature to add to your emails
  • how to end your emails
  • who to send emails to
  • how frequent to send emails
  • best way to create and schedule a series of emails
  • why you should scare people a little bit.why
  • bonus:
  • problems this can cause