Real SUCCESS Stories

"Thank you...

for helping me reshape the culture of my company. Thanks for everything you have done to help me be the Power Owner!"

"My revenue grew over 300% in less than a year with James' system. I'm thankful for him every day."

Lilly Bojic, DPT

Lilly Physical Therapy (WA)

James helps practice owners everyday (just like you) reach their highest earning power.

(Coached over 800 practice owners since 2002)


Passed the million dollar mark our second year.

I look forward to more. With the times and industry changes, you change your information. It gives me great things to take back to my clinic. It's been fantastic."

Charlie mills, pt midcounty physical therapy (VA)

From solo practice to a full blown organization.

Joe Keifer, PT & Hayley Apiscopa, DPT (NY)

"No single person or entity has helped me grow as a professional more than James Ko. With his mentorship, we have grown our business exponentially.

Tim Burnell, Back In Motion (FL)

"Helped me go from zero to 2 practices..."

Jeff Hohman of Hohman Rehab (FL)

Mary Kostka, OTR (WA)

"I know there are a lot of skeptics out there, but I have never had more success than since I went to your class in Chicago 4 years ago!"

Eric Reichardt, PT, OCS, CMTPT

Mindy Murray, OTR (HI)

Go from "the brink" to pinnacles of success.

"It's a privilege and honor learning from James Ko."

Kerry Simon-Tov, PT, MTC, PMA, CPT - Archer PT & Pilates Institute

Chad Clark, PT
PT Connections (CO)

"After talking to James I got 3 new patients the same day!"

Laura Coppee, PT
PT Wellness Institute

"The knowledge is life-changing. It's the best decision you'll ever make!"

Cody Barnett, PT

Best $ I spent was on James course, prior to starting my practice in 2005!

"We attribute 99.9% of our success to James Ko. We love you guys!"

Luke Mckenzie, PT and Weldon Russo, OTR
Fortworth Physical Therapy (TX)