How NOT to Lose Patients and Sell More Cash Therapy – Advanced Power Coaching for Physical and Occupational Therapists

How NOT to Lose Patients and Sell More Cash Therapy

“How NOT to Lose OON & High-Deductible Patients, Increase Commitment in High Co-Pay Patients, and Sell More Therapy for Cash in 7-Days!”

Join Me in this 2-Hour Training Sessionand Get The Entire Activation/Conversion System and Tools Included!

This is What You’re Gonna Learn and Get:

How to handle the situation where it is known there will be a HIGH DEDUCTIBLE. (What will you say? What should you do?)

How to convert OON prospects (and getting them wanting to pay).

How to get NO-insurance and HSA clients coming in.

How to handle the impatient and hasty caller.

How to train staff to convert and uphold your standards.

How to test your systems with the “Mystery Shopper Method”

How to adjust your treatment sessions to increase commitment and “Buy-In”.

($997 value)


How to gracefully handle the MOST COMMONLY asked questions in a manner that excite patients and boosts their first impression.

  • check“Do you take my insurance?”
  • check“Do you treat _____?”
  • check“How much will it cost?”
  • check“What will you do?”
  • check“My doctor said that I need to get in right away.”
  • check“Why can’t I get that appointment slot?”

Here are the tools you GET:

An example of the Staff Training System ($997 value)

  • checkMystery Shopper system tools, report card, profile script ($200 value)
  • checkStaff Training System: Video on Activation and Conversion for EASY AUTOMATION! ($997 value)
  • checkActivation Scripts
  • checkFlyer template
  • checkList of Resources
  • checkAnd more!


Only $497 right now!

Yes, I’m In!

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