GRO – Advanced Power Coaching for Physical and Occupational Therapists



Here’s Your Chance to Do Something Great for Yourself and Your Practice

James is Very Soon Starting the Revolutionary “GRO Challenge” for PT/OT. It’s Your Best Chance to…

Increase Your Income by $60k or More, Make It Easier to Run Your Clinic, Deliver Faster Results to Patients, and Increase NP Volume

All While Working Less By Installing a New 3-Step Revolutionary Method to GROwth

This is an ONLINE Training for You and Your Staff

Follow the Challenge Week-by-Week or Go at Your Own Pace!

James Ko takes you by the hand, and gives you easy “Bite-Size” pieces, to install his revolutionary new 3-Step Secret methods that are guaranteed to make your life easier so you can better enjoy your business.

This is Specifically for Those Who Want a Better Way

Those who know they can do better but just need a little help.

They understand they can’t see everything clearly because they’re too consumed “within” the business itself. 

And by having outside help, by someone who knows what they’re doing, can be the answer to them shooting over the top.

But getting private coaching or consulting can be expensive, and time-consuming, and you may not be feeling ready for that now.

So if there’s kind of a halfway solution, you’d be all in and ready to go.

If You Don’t Have a Reliable “Go To” Marketing Method That Consistently Delivers…

It can create “slow months” and anxiety.  You either have to cut employee hours or have them do projects they may not wanna do. It hurts your relationship with them. If you do nothing, it causes complacency and people end up twiddling-their-thumbs.

The stress of low volume hurts your creativity and the innovative mind you have. It diminishes your effectiveness and makes us feel like we’re failing.

Even if you’ve tried advertising, social media marketing, Facebook ads, funnels, lead nurturing or until you cultivate a sound system, it will be hard to breakthrough this problem.

If You Get Bogged Down With Employee Performance Issues

It can feel like a 

If You Want to Solve All The “Time-Consuming Tasks” That Are Holding You Back

Trying to grow your practice while

The Goal of This Challenge Is To…

1. Increase Your Income With Less Grind and More Enjoyment

This is your chance adfdsaf

Your Best Is Just Ahead

2. Produce High Performing Staff

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a leader, you can install the components necessary to create a great environment, culture, and performance standards.

But simply installing a policy doesn’t mean an employee is going to adhere to it.

The deeper level of understanding what 

Your Best Is Just Ahead



And How You Get It

Here’s a Glimpse of James’ New Methods



Sub heading

Research studies show that the greatest successes come when you surround yourself with like-minded people.

There’s no one better to guide you to greatness than Amanda and Jimmy.




Getting to the pinnacle of your health, and looking 30 years younger, is not an easy feat but it can be done with the right plan.  You can’t be passive about it. It takes conviction.

It requires the right plan based on proven science and the right people to learn from.  It requires the right formula, guidance and accountability. 




Help other people just like you create a beautiful change in their life. (It doesn’t matter your age, condition or the way you look.)

It’s the only way to a rich and fulfilling life.  And through our Instructor Certification Program, you can do just that. Discover a whole new world of possibilities and a brighter future as you get your best body ever!

Over a 5-Month Timeline, You Will Be Forever Changed



“The Massive Sales Generator”

  • “The Massive Sales Generator”
  • Unlimited Free Classes
  • Advanced Meal Plans ($300 value)
  • Advanced Power Supplementation ($100 value)


Get all this for as little as $197  $67* per month(*when choosing the Popular One-Time payment plan. The Monthly plan is $87/mo)

Join the challenge and Start Gro-ing

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Checkout                    

Here’s what it costs

An Investment toward the success of your business.

Discount Closes In…


​Love love love Amanda and the team!

Paige Lauren

Mom, Wife, Awesome Lady

Down 27 pounds. Blood pressure at 120/78, and heart rate at its best ever.

Glenn G.


This program is amazing!!!!!  There are great classes and great people in this program…. LOVE IT …Amanda, Jimmy are great, knowledgeable, personable, caring, loving, push you to success!!!!

Carolyn Shoemaker

Crazy Cool

Summary of What You Get…

  • check-circle12-Months With Amanda & Jimmy
  • check-circleSteps to Making Your Body Tone, Sexy & Healthy
  • check-circleAdvanced Meal Plans & Supplementation
  • check-circleFree Classes
  • check-circleDiscounts Off Anti-Aging & Cellulite Services
  • check-circleLifetime Access to “Accelerator Online”
  • check-circleFREE “Instructor” Certification & Other Limited-Time Bonuses

$5,000 value for just:

*With the Popular One-Time payment plan, it comes out to only $67 per month. The Monthly plan is $87/mo.



– Being more happy in your own skin

– Wearing slimmer clothes

– Sleeping better, waking better, feeling better

– Moving easier with more strength and less pain

– Making more $$$

– And, liking how you look for life!

You Are Worth the Investment!

You have proven yourself to have what it takes!

Now it’s time to reach out and grab your best body (and life) ever.

More sexiness, health and awesomeness!

Imagine living the best years of your life starting today.

No more roller-coasters, heaviness, health-issues, or low self-esteem.

Discount Closes In…

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Checkout                    


I’m financially strapped. Should I do this?

Yes, you can get your best body ever AND be 30 years younger. Research proves it and past clients have achieved it.

I’m busy most of the week. Will I have time for this?

Yes. It’s what you learn, know and can share that’s of value, NOT age, conditions, or how you look.

What if I want to do this later?

This special offer will not be available later.

Do I really need Amanda & Jimmy?

If you want to achieve your best body ever, it requires a sound plan designed especially for you. Amanda and Jimmy are your best choices and now at the best possible price.

Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes for free under certain conditions. Get details here.

Will my pain get better?

Yes. The more you exercise, the healthier your joints and muscles get. And with the “Balancing Exercises” Jimmy designs for you, the faster you’ll become pain-free. It takes a little time for cartilage to heal but you will get there 🙂

Can this help me sleep better?

Yes. Sleep is very important for health, weight loss and strength. The further you go in the program, the better you will sleep.

Will this help me make more money?

Studies show your chances are better. Having a sharper mind and better focus increases your financial status.

What if I don’t like it?

Just talk to us and give us an opportunity to make it right.  But if you don’t like it, I don’t want you to pay. Our cancellation policy can be found here.

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