In An Effort to Promote Her Rapid  Weight Loss Method, Amanda is Giving Away 20 11 Vouchers to Her "Breakthrough Weight Loss & Toning Program" for only $21

(reg. $210)

Discover the fastest and easiest way to lose weight, tone your body, and increase energy and confidence.

Even if you have...

-Thyroid Issues

-Sugar Addiction

-Hormone Imbalance

-Low Metabolism

-Lack of Energy

Especially if you have...

-High Blood Pressure



...these are just labels and NOT an explanation of what's causing it.

Invite a Friend to Do This With You and Get Better Results

This is Specifically For Those Who Are Not Happy With Their Body
And Want a True Fix Without Spending a Lot of Time, Energy and Money

Don't Trust Your Body to Just Anyone.

WHO you choose to help fix your body makes the difference between success and failure.

This is an opportunity for you to get straight to real results without wasting any time or money.

The Key to a Tone and Lean Body...

lies within a unique approach called the "Breakthrough 21 Day Fat Shredder."

It rapidly TURNS ON your fat-burning switch and primes your body for maximum weight loss. You end up losing most of your unwanted fat, especially around the belly, thighs, and hips.

Let's face it, there's a lot of confusion out there on how to get tone, lose weight and get healthy.

Most Attempts Fail

According to Forbes, Surgeon General, and U.S. National Library of Medicine, most programs don't last and don't work for the long term.

People are spending a lot of money and time on things like*...

- Fad Diets
- Lengthy Exercises
- Gym memberships
- Personal Trainers
- Youtube Exercises
- Doctors
- Equipment
- Infomercials
- Pills
- Supplements

But these are proven to be temporary at best requiring a person to do them forever which adds to the frustration and cost.  Some don't even work at all (and some cause you to gain even more weight*).
*See scientific references below.

Avoid the Common "Traps"

Stop relying on a fitness and diet industry that's plagued with ineffectiveness and greed.

This program gets you straight away to discovering exactly HOW TO GET TONE & LOSE WEIGHT and get on the road to a real fix and loving your body again.

The Most Exciting Part...the Results Last

It can get you off the harmful rollercoaster of dieting and prevent more unwanted weight and unhealth.  

This is specifically for women and men near Lewisville who are ready to take the step to a better body without wasting precious time.
What You Get With This Voucher...
A Spot in our "21 Day Breakthrough Weight Loss Program for only
Reg. $210. Limited to 20 people
For less than the cost of eating out ONE time, you can finally get your best body now.

It Includes:
Body "Reset" Detox System
Meet at my gym to learn how to get rid of the "bad" hormones and toxins that prevent you from metabolizing glucose and fats. Increase circulation of your lymphatic system to remove cellular debris and toxins much quicker. Boost your energy AND lose weight fast!
Our Revolutionary "8-Minute Exercise Sequence"
That Burns Fat Fast
Learn this amazing exercise sequence that's helping people accelerate their fat-burning form home! Easy, safe and powerfully proven.
Meal & Nutrition System
I give you sample meals and checklists to follow daily. 10 foods and nutrients you must add to your daily meals for instant success! Items you might find in your cabinet and inexpensive supplements that we recommend.
"The Missing Link" to Getting Tone & Lean Fast
Get expert guidance in person and video to take our Proprietary Secret to Losing Weight, burning fat, and getting healthy Fast!
  • HOW To Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes That Make It Nearly Impossible to Lose Weight and get healthy
  • 5 Big Exercise Mistakes That Cause You to Slow Metabolism 
  • 3 Best Exercises for your unique body type and condition
  • Why Body Fat Composition Doesn't Reveal Everything 
  • Real Answers to Your Most Burning Questions
  • Free Metabolism Test
  • Free Lean Muscle and Joint Test
  • Our Transforming "Motivation & Discipline" Training
  • 32-PAGE Manual of the Step-by-Step System 

*Provided in drip format.

YOUR COST:  $210  only $21
If you are not completely blown away with the program, I don't want you to pay a dime and will return all your money back to you. If you come and give it a fair try, this is my personal and official guarantee.

Due to the great success of this promotion, we are required to put a time-limit on it...

Many have already scheduled because I’m giving away for a fraction of what most trainers charge $700 to $1,000 for. (That's if they even have these secrets). So all bookings are on a first-come basis.

I'm amazed at the progress that I've made. I had given up all hope of ever feeling normal again. But I'm amazed at the progress.​
- Kelly
Helped me truly understand why I was failing to lose weight on my own.
And the 8 minute exercise sequence has greatly reduced the chronic pains around my neck and shoulders.
-Kim K.
You saved my life.
I felt such despair before coming here. The first time I came here, when I left, I felt like a different person... I was suffering from depression but now I'm not... I don't know how I can thank you enough. I really don't. “
-John W.

Introducing Amanda

Hi, I want to introduce myself. I've been helping people lose weight, feel sexy and get fit for 6 years now and due to my success, I opened up a gym on weight loss, health and fitness in Lewisville Texas. 

Helping people revitalize their bodies (and life) has been extremely rewarding for me. It's what I've come to know to be my purpose in life.

I have top-level training on physiology and weight-loss. As a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor, I've learned that it's not the intensity of the exercise but the quality of the movement and instructor that produces results.

A little bit about myself...

I always feared taking risks and struggled to believe in myself but once I discovered the secret to improving my body and increasing confidence, my life changed.

That's why I want to share it with you. It's become my mission and passion.

I decided to start my own business with this passion to help others and share this transformational method.

Never doubt your worth, and never doubt what's possible and you can accomplish anything.

Introducing My Partner James

Hi, I'm James. I've been helping people improve their health, lose weight, and stop pain without pills or medication for over 22 years.

My geeky passion is in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, nutrition, exercise, pain relief and weight-loss.

A little bit about myself...

I have two kids... Cozy and Mac. They are 5 and 9 respectively. We enjoy rock-climbing, drawing, playing at the park, guitar, music, and rollerskating. They're a blast to play with :)

These are my "Other Kids"

Their names are Haley, Roxy, and Savvy. Two from the rescue (Haley and Roxy) and one from a breeder but was the runt of the litter (Savvy the Golden).

I am a blackbelt in martial arts, an ex-powerlifter, author and speaker. I graduated from Loma Linda University as a Master in Physical Therapy.

But this isn't about me, it's about YOU... and your chance to make a change in your life.

Here's the address to our "Lab" in Lewisville. See you soon!

713 Hebron Pkwy, Ste. 236, Lewisville, TX 75057
(214) 504-2902
Offer Ending Soon...

Get Tone, Lean and Feeling Sexy Again for less than the cost of one dinner out!

This is How to Get Started:

  • 1
    Grab the Voucher
  • 2
    Reserve Your Spot for Orientation Day
  • 3
    Follow the Daily Checklist
  • 4
    Start Burning Fat Immediately
  • 5
    Get Your Sexy Back
Does that sound good to you?

How would it feel to get rid of 10-25 pounds, get tone and healthy with one fell swoop?


When does the program start?

What if I already have a gym membership somewhere else?

What ages are good for this?

Is this better than dieting, gyms, pills, and surgery?

Will this help me get off diets and/or pills? 

What if I have health problems?

How much is it?

What if I don't like it?

Where is your gym?

What if I can't make the Orientation when scheduled?

Can I buy a voucher for a friend?

Join Others (Just Like You) Who Are Discovering a Leaner, Stronger Body

And Living a Brighter Future


Invite a Friend to Do This With You!

DISCLAIMER: The results described above are from my personal and other client results. Please understand that a variety of factors go into the results a person may get. I'm not implying that you'll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). Your results may vary and depend on how much time, effort and persistence you put forth. Not to mention your background, experience, and support system may be factors as well. All fitness pursuits entail risk and hard work and if you are not prepared for that, do not sign up for this program.

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