How to CREATE YOUR VERY OWN Lead Generation machine in 17-minutes FLAT!

At NO COST, Absolutely Free, Without Expensive Software or Designers!!
(It's so easy that anyone can do it!)

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Create Your LEAD Graphic in Less Than 3 Minutes for FREE

(Takes less than 3 min to complete)


What is your free report going to be about? What problem do people have? Who is it for? When writing the title, make sure it targets those who are 1) most likely to come to one of your events and 2) most likely to pay for your services and solutions. Later, in step #6, you will create the actual report.


You can hire someone to design it for you at but know that the graphic doesn't have to be fancy. The words are what matter most.



Place Lead Magnet Graphic on Your Website

(This step takes 1.5 min)

If you have a wordpress website, it's super easy to place. If your site isn't built on the wordpress platform, you can have your designer place it. It's super easy and fast.

In the following videos, you will learn how to link the graphic to your opt-in landing page to collect a ton of emails!

(This step takes 1.5 min)



Create Your OPT-IN Landing Page

Create a FREE account at

The "Opt-In Landing Page" is where people sign-up to get your Free Report. (This step takes 8min to complete.)

Don't forget to create your "Success Page" in the next video.

3b) Create your "Success Page"

This is where users are directed to after they sign-up. (This step takes 4min)



Create Email To Be Sent When User Signs-Up

After your user signs-up, they will receive an email with a button to click on to get the free report.

This is an important step since you don't want spam and fake emails. They won't get the free report if using a fake email address.

This step takes less than 4 min to complete.



Create Your Download Page

This is the page where the actual download link will be. When user clicks on the button in their email, they will be directed to this page. This also confirms their subscription onto your list.

This step takes 3-min.



Create Your FREE REPORT (and Get the Download Link)

Use James' template to make this super easy!



Amost Done...
Now Go Back and Link Your Lead Magnet Graphic on Your Website to Your Opt-In Landing Page!!

Now link your lead magnet graphic to your landing page and you're all done!

(Takes 3min)

Great job! Later, I'll show you how to drive tons of traffic to your landing page using 3 free and cheap methods!

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