Special Opportunity for PT/OT/Peds Clinics

In an Effort to Help Practice Owners Who Are Struggling,  James is Giving Away His #1 Best Direct Marketing Strategy That Delivers an Extra 20-50 NP's per month (Depending On Your Niche)

James is Giving Away 30  ​2 Vouchers for this Special Online 6-Week Program for only $9,997  $​640 x 6

Discover How EASY It Can Be to Install a Direct Marketing system in under 6-hours, Get More New Patients Instantly, Automate It, and Enjoy It Forever

Even if you've been told...

-It requires a lot of time,

-Or technical skills

-It's expensive with the advertising

-It takes time to get results, or

-It doesn't work very fast

...that's just people doing the wrong things and NOT reflective of direct marketing done correctly. 

This is Specifically For Those Who are Struggling and Need More New Patients Quickly

If you are doing well and don't have many "empty slots" to fill, this is not for you.

Don't trust your marketing to just anyone.

WHO you choose to help fix your marketing issues can mean the difference between success and failure.

This is an opportunity for you to get straight to real results without wasting time, energy or money.

The Key to Getting More NP's...
lies within a unique approach I call "The 3-Dimensional Method." It rapidly generates new patients for you and makes you feel like a rockstar.

Let's face it, there's a lot of confusion out there on how to get more NP's.

Most Marketing Strategies Fail 
According to Forbes, Washington Post, Economic Census Bureau, most marketing and advertising strategies fail to bring a return on investment.

People are spending a lot of money and time on things like*...

- Social Media Posts
- Postcard Mailers
- Website Redesign
- Doctor visits
- Blogging
- Email Marketing
- Funnels
- Lead Magnets
- Facebook Ads

Most are not getting a great return on their investment. And even if their efforts pay-off a little, they have to keep putting in time, money and energy forever to keep it going which adds to the frustration and cost.
*See scientific references below.

Avoid the Common "Traps"
Stop wasting time and money on things that don't work, and avoid relying on consultants, agencies, or coaches that are plagued with ineffectiveness and greed.

Every practice is unique and requires a unique approach to see quick, maximum and long-lasting results. 

And that's what this 6-week online program will do.

It will help you discover exactly what's BEST for you and your unique practice and get you on the road to quick results and more patients.

Once we determine the source of your marketing problem, we apply the 3-Dimensional Method and get you straight away to results immediately.

Many are seeing results the very first day of launch and get NP's within 6-24 hours. And since the cost for this program is so low, you get a return almost immediately.

The Most Exciting Part...It Keeps Delivering NP's Forever
It can eliminate the need for any other marketing plan and lower your marketing/advertising costs for life.  

This is specifically for PT/OT's in Private Practice who are desperately in need for NP's. If you've had empty slots for more than 3-months and are ready to take a step to making it better without complicated methods, costly advertising or expensive software, this is for you.
What You are Getting With This Voucher...
6-Week Online Program With James for Only $​640 x 6
(reg. $9,997)
  • An Analysis to Determine the Problem with Your Marketing Plan/Efforts and What It Will Take to Turn It Around
  • The #1 Strategy James Personally Uses to Generate More New Clients
  • Free Access to the Online Module for easy access anytime at your leisure.
  • Proprietary Webpages and Templates
  • Copy-n-Paste Ads Proven to Work
  • 3 Tips on How to Improve It On Your Own
  • Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes That Kill Results
  • TOP 10 Audiences and Target Markets you must add to your marketing and advertising that 2x's results
  • 6-Months of Support after the training (not that you're gonna need it)
  • Why social media, blogging, and Google ranking (SEO) is the slowest and most costly way to more NP's.
  • Real Answers to Your Most Burning Questions
If for any reason you are not happy with the program, just let me know before the end of the 6-week session and you get all your money back. 

Due to the personalized nature of this training and the high demand for it, we are putting a time-limit on it...

Many have already signed-up because I’m giving away for a small fraction of what most consultants and agencies charge over $20,000 for. So all vouchers are on a first-come basis.

"Just opened another clinic and couldn't have done it without you.
You are the BEST thing to happen to private practice.”
- Gail Frayna, PT (Hudson Premier PT & Sports, NJ)

This helped us go from zero to 2 practices.
Thank you so much for everything you do.
- Jeff & Katie Hohman, PT (Hohman Rehab, FL)
I can automate them to work for me 24/7! Love it!
As an owner of 2 clinics and a third getting ready to open, I need all the help I can get in generating volume. Not only are these methods effective, but I can automate them to work for me 24/7! Love it!
- Mike Uhrlaub, PT (Flex PT, IA)

Introducing James

Hi, I want to introduce myself. I've been helping PT/OT practice owners improve their marketing for over 16 years and recently started an Online Marketing Program in order to help more who are struggling. 

Helping therapists revitalize their marketing, their practice, and their life has been extremely rewarding for me. It's what I've come to know to be my purpose in life.

I have top-level and real life training on marketing, advertising, sales, activation, internet and online marketing for therapy practices.

A little bit about myself...

I have two kids... Cozy and Mac. They are 5 and 9 respectively. We enjoy rock-climbing, drawing, playing at the park, guitar, music, and rollerskating. They're a blast to play with :)

These are my "Other Kids".

Their names are Haley, Roxy, and Savvy. Two from the rescue (Haley and Roxy) and one from a breeder but was the runt of the litter (Savvy the Golden).

I am a blackbelt in martial arts, an ex-powerlifter, author and speaker. I graduated from Loma Linda University with a Masters in Physical Therapy.

But this isn't about me, it's about YOU... and your chance to make a change in your marketing, your practice, your life.

Here's the button below to get signed up. See you soon!

Opportunity ends in...

This is How It Works

  • 1
    We determine your marketing strengths and weaknesses.
  • 2
    Choose the strategy BEST for you that generates the most NP's with the least amount of work.
  • 3
    Follow the checklist James gives you in the Online Program...(and explains to you through video instruction).
  • 4
    Launch it (takes less than 6-hours)
  • 5
    Start getting new patients right away (within 1-3 days for sure)
How would it feel to eliminate your marketing problems with one-fell swoop?


Is this good for new practice owners?

Is this good for OT, Hand and Peds Therapists?

What if I sign-up but can't make the sessions?

Will insurance-based practices benefit?

How much is it?

What if I don't like it?

When does it start?

What if I have questions after the 6-weeks?

Join Other Practice Owners (Just Like You) Who Are Getting More NP's

And Living a Brighter Future


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