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Feb & Mar

The 3-Step Cash Client Success For Life Method

Start selling $499 to $10k packages and end your reliance on insurances and beat the hospital/group monopolies. Gain your independence with the fastest and ONLY Method to cash client success. No other method comes close.

For PT/OT/Peds clinic owners. Includes tools, checklists, and more.

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Marketing System Automation & More

The 5-Step System makes it possible for you to NEVER have to worry about where your next patient will come from ever again.

Controlling patient volume and revenue can either be easy or hard. Learn the methods and get the tools to make it easy. Automation means that it happens without you having to think about it. Now that's nice! Also, remove the headaches from the most common inefficiencies in most all practices. This module is invaluable!


Employees and How to Make Them Great & Profit

When your employees work well as a team, life is good :)

Employees can be the single greatest source of headache and expense or they can be the catalyst to more profits and enjoyment. Learn how to get employees loving their job and taking ownership. Learn how to recruit, train, delegate, compensate, reward/punish, and terminate optimally. The secrets lead to time freedom and more profits.


Scale, Expand & Run Remotely With Ease

Don't you want to travel and see the world?

Or have more time with your friends and family?

Even if you are not thinking about expanding or stepping away from the business, wouldn't it be nice to be able to anytime? There is a right and wrong way to grow and expand. Whether you want to hire more staff or add more locations, do it incorrectly and it can cost you. Get all the proprietary tools and step-by-step to ensure success in your expansion. And learn how to run it from remotely while having coffee at Starbucks.

Save over $1,000 with the "all modules" option

Whether you are a solo or multiple therapist clinic owner, or have multiple sites, all modules are essential for independence and freedom. Don't miss out on this great savings.


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