The Missing Link – Advanced Power Coaching for Physical and Occupational Therapists

The Missing Link

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Remove the Stress of Marketing

You Can Now Automate It Cheaper and Easier Than Ever Before!

Get the Missing Link That Puts You On theFAST TRACK TO GROWTH!

Hayley Apiscopa, DPT


Becoming more well known in the community has been huge for us this year. Running into people and them actually having heard of us has been huge. That has never happened to me before this year.

It’s just been very exciting seeing the growth in the practice.

Working with James and learning all these things just excites us for our practice to grow even more.”



In this special online training, James shows you how to simplify and automate your marketing so you can get on the fast track to growth.

Most practice owners struggle with “OVERLOAD” and have too much on their plate.

Not necessarily patient overload but too much information, tasks and stress. They are not accomplishing the critical tasks that lead to great success.

Once James helps a person simplify and automate, they transform.

It removes the latch and they become free, creative and enthusiastic

AFTER GOING THROUGH this program, you will be able to install key systems without doing the work yourself (without worry and stress).

And all without spending tons of money on expensive consultants, designers or marketing agencies.


How it works: James starts by helping you SIMPLIFY the “Marketing Process”. There are 7 steps.

Then he gives you the road map that instantly increases clients and revenue. He literally gives you the items to hand over to your staff, or contracted person that we call the “Missing Link Person” (MLP).

You don’t need to do the work yourself, THAT’S THE BEST PART!

You don’t even need to understand it all. All you gotta do is hand it over and critique the MLP’s work.

He gives you everything (the step by step instructional videos and checklists) that you simply give to your MLP and they complete.

No expensive designers, consultants, or marketing agencies required. No more costly $2,000 setup and $200 per month fees.


Who It’s For

– If you want a steady flow of new patients without spending a ton of money, going door-to-door, or constantly having to work at it, this is the solution.

– If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, this will fix it.

– If you’re not taking advantage of the internet, this will fix it.

– If you find it difficult to DELEGATE and there’s too much on your plate, this will fix it.

– If you are unsure of your future and have doubts (or fears), this will fix it.

Register now. Get it done. Be confident. Enjoy the rewards.


When you install a marketing system completely and correctly, it just works.

The problem is you can’t try and do it yourself.

I will show your person how to do it. You merely oversee it.

I will also show you WHO to designate as your MLP.

This is not another lesson, lecture or conference. This is not a learning program.

It’s a step-by-step DOING and transformation program.

It’s not where you learn a bunch of things to add onto your plate which causes more anxiety and stress.


It’s about  how to effectively Simplify and clear your plate correctly and transfer it over to somebody else and have them install key systems without you ever worrying. All at a low cost.


This training comes with all tools and instruction required for you to put into action. Everything you need with nothing held back.

  • checkThe “Marketing Automation System In a Box”
  • checkThe “Business Simplification System”
  • checkMarketing Xplosion Tools you simply hand to your “Missing Link Person” (MLP)
  • checkRevenue Xplosion Tools you merely hand to your MLP
  • checkStep by step checklists for your MLP
  • checkInstruction sheets for your MLP on the 5 strategies.
  • checkVideos for your person to watch and install the 5 marketing and revenue increasing strategies/systems
  • checkProject Timeline Forms
  • checkProcedural Lists
  • check Performance Grading Tools
  • checkResults Tracking Tools
  • checkand more.

“When you remove the weight of marketing, it frees you from anxiety and stress.”


Expect to throw away a lot of your “clutter” and be freed of the weight.

Expect to be more confident, focused and productive.

Those who are already using this method are seeing an extra $3,000 to $20,000 per month just from the transformation. But even better is they are finding more peace of mind and free time.

Another benefit is you can apply this method to anything in your business and life.


A list of FREE and inexpensive apps that…

  • checkGenerate More Patient Prospects
  • checkCreate Viral Social Media Posts 
  • checkMake it Easy to Collect Payments Online
  • checkAllow HIPAA compliant texting
  • checkEnable Email Blasts
  • checkAllow Patient Forms Online
  • checkMake it Easy to Create Videos

“When you remove anxiety and stress, you become a powerhouse!”



” I’m a physical therapist, private practice owner, and founder of IndeFree Association. I like reading James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks, enjoy golfing and playing guitar. I love playing with Mac and Cozy! For over 15 years, I’ve helped thousands of practices grow and succeed. This is my dedication.


You get everything you need to succeed. We are not going to try and “pitch” other things to you. You also get 3-months of support after the training so if you have any questions or issues, just let us know. We are here for you.

  • checkTrack your results.
  • checkApply the learning.
  • checkRefine and adjust as necessary.
  • checkCheck your results again to see the difference.
  • checkShare with us your success and we will give you a valuable gift!

“The great thing about having others do things for you is it’s easy to critique their work but it’s hard to do it yourself from scratch.”

IntroducingThe “Missing Link to Marketing Automation”4-Week Online Course

(Each session is 1.5 hrs long) The purpose of this training is to get your MLP (Missing Link Person) to complete the below tasks and actions for you but it’s important you understand the big picture and choose the campaign. You are not completely “Hands-Off” the entire time. You must be a part of the process and give feedback as necessary for max success.

How Does This Course Work? See How Simple It Is…

WEEK 1 (April 3)

  • check1) What Works in Marketing Today and What Doesn’t
  • check2) Big Mistakes to Avoid
  • check3) Choosing & Preparing Your “Missing Link Person” (MLP)
  • check4) Choosing Your Unique Marketing Campaign and Making It Perfect
  • check5) Tools for Managing Your MLP and making sure it’s a success! 

WEEK 2 (April 10)

  • check“SHAKE N BAKE IT”
  • check1) Make Sure It Will Be a Kickass Campaign
  • check2) How to Test It Effectively
  • check3) The Best Ways to “LAUNCH” an Automated Campaign
  • check4) The Best Channels for YOU to Use (everyone’s different) 

WEEK 3 (April 17)

  • check“LAUNCH IT!”
  • checkHow Much to Spend and Big Mistakes to Avoid
  • checkHow Long, What Duration, and Frequency
  • checkWhat Your Receptionist/Activation Person Needs to Know
  • checkHow To Measure It’s Successfulness

WEEK 4 (April 24)

  • checkHow to Make a Marketing Campaign Better and Great
  • checkWhen Should You Run It Again
  • checkBig Mistakes to Avoid
  • checkHow to Incentivize Your MLP for Greater Performance
  • checkHow to Remeasure and Repeat

“When your marketing is solid, you have the clarity of mind to discover your passion and purpose.”


Any PT, OT and Peds practice owner.

It doesn’t matter if…

You go to people’s homes,

Do PT, OT, Speech for special needs cases,

Haven’t opened yet,

Have multiple clinics


Are a solo practitioner,

This is for you.


It’s not for those who feel the need to control everything and don’t want to let go.

If you like stress and anxiety and feel like you need that to function.

You don’t like working with others, never trust others, and like to do everything yourself.

“You’re the best thing that happened to PT private practice! Opening up my second location! Wouldn’t have done this without you.”

Sandra Gail Frayna, PT

Hudson PT, NJ

“We’ve implemented many of James online strategies to gain emails, and do free workshops and those have caused us to grow significantly where we had to hire another PT and a PTA.”

Joe Keifer, PT

Developmental Steps, NY


“Something installed by someone else that’s less than perfect is better than a perfect plan never implemented.”


Do I really get everything I need to put into action?

Yes, you absolutely do. We do not try and sell you anything else. You get everything you need to succeed!

What if I miss a session?

You can watch the replay anytime at your own leisure. All the training items will be in the Power Training Room.

Will this help me get more new patients?

Absolutely. That’s the main objective of this training, along with increasing revenue and cash flow.

Will this help me sell more fitness and wellness services?

Yes.  It’s one of the ways to increasing revenue and cash flow.

Will this help me increase my profitability?

Yes. We cover the missing piece to profitability and how your MLP makes it happen for you.

When can I expect results?

If you follow the step-by-step training and implement immediately, you can expect to see results within days. If you don’t, make sure to contact us to make sure you aren’t doing something wrong.

What if I don’t like the training?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 60-days of training.

Is this good for OT’s?

Absolutely. Many OT’s have already been through this training with great success!

What if I have a question on the training?

Simply contact us at

“Information isn’t the problem as much as finding the time to implement it.”

60 Day No BS Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t increase your patient volume or revenues over the next 60 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund.

If you feel you don’t have time for this valuable ONLINE training,

it’s an indication you need this more than you know!




“One good method executed fully by someone else gets you much more than 10 great ideas never seeing the light of day”

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DISCLAIMER: The results described above are from my personal and other practice owner results. Please understand that a variety of factors go into the results a person gets. I’m not implying that you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of having 18+ years of private practice experience and work very hard to stay on top of the success trends. Your results will vary and depend on how much time, effort and persistence you put forth. Not to mention your background, experience, and support system may be factors as well. All business entails risk and hard work and if you are not prepared for that, this is not for you.

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