Ready to Grow the CASH side of your practice?

Rise Up and Claim Your Worth. It's Time.

Acquire the skills that enable you to say "Shove It!" to the bad insurances, extend your reach, help more people, make your services more desirable, and start increasing the cash side of your practice in as little as 7-Days!


1) How to Train Staff to Activate OON, HSA, HiDeduct and No-Ins Patients
2) Correctly Train Staff on Selling Fitness and Wellness Programs
3) How to Automate the Staff Training Process
4) The Top 3 Fitness/Wellness Campaigns to Start Selling Tomorrow!

This is an 8-week Live Online Training for PT/OT/Peds Clinic Owners

Starts February 6th

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Do you want to grow the CASH side of your practice but unsure how?

Do you want to reach more people and get paid better in the process.

Do you want to move away from insurances but have some fear of losing stability?

Are you trying to add fitness and wellness but it's not working out like you hoped?

Do you want to increase your cash clients by 2x, 3x, 4x or more?

Because the fact of the matter is...

the secret to making more, treating more, and freedom is having a 50/50 hybrid clinic.

When you are able to help people look beyond the financial cost and focus more on the value of the results, your business changes.

I show you how to...

  1. Sell more treatment packages and "Therapy-Fitness-Wellness (TFW) Programs" to your entire community without feeling salesy or pushy.
  2. Structure treatment plans in a way that gets patients wanting to commit!
  3. Seamlessly transition clients to fitness and wellness programs at premium rates (during or after therapy).

Developing a real cash client system is the way to increasing our worth, value and pay.

This is my mission.

Rise up, join us, and move together with us!


Join other clinic owners just like yourself who are already doing it...even if you don't believe you can.

Watch video to see how others felt when they first started applying level 1 of this method...

Start selling packages from $499 to $10,000 in just 7-days!

It may sound hard to believe but let me ask you a question...

What kind of impact do you make on a person's life? Do you feel you are making your worth?

Think about this for a second...

  • Surgeon's charge $20k to $50k where they spend 1-8 hours in surgery.
  • Therapists typically spend 12 hours (1-hr per session) and charge $800. 

I know surgeons and therapists are different but...

With surgery, some get better some don't. Some get worse. Some die.

With therapy, at least most get better and many are changed forever all-naturally, safely and quickly.

And when you help them with fitness and wellness, you become much more valuable and get paid more than when only relieving pain alone.

Don't you think it's time to put your education and training to work and start making your worth?

What Does the 3-Step Method Do For You and Your Clinic?

You can effectively decrease your reliance on insurances.

You can enjoy the fulfillment of helping more people AND deliver a higher level of care, fitness and wellness to your clients.

You can put your education to work and start making what you're worth.

If you are cash-based already, you can make more than ever.

Other benefits:

  • Less documentation...less headaches.
  • More cash flow.
  • A renewed sense of confidence in your business skills.
  • No more worries about where your next patient is going to come from.

Instead of building a business, build a legacy that is strong and resilient and more independent.

This is not an expense.

It's an investment that has long-term benefits for your business and your life.

This Training will get you knowing (with certainty) that making more than $200k in pay as a therapist while transforming more lives is a reality.

The fastest and ONLY way to acquire this revolutionary method is through this training program.

It’s a limited-time special LIVE training on the single most effective Cash Client Method you can acquire for your business that will get you selling therapy, fitness and wellness!

It’s for beginner and experienced practice owners.

Here's What You Get In the 8-Week Live Online Training

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    The Blueprint to Selling Cash Programs in As Little As 7-Days Without Feeling Salesy Or Pushy 
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    How to Structure Treatment Plans Quickly That Get Patients to Commit
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    How to Seamlessly Transition Them to Fitness and Wellness at Premium Rates (During or After Therapy)


"How to Train Your Staff to Activate OON/Hi-Deduct Patients Where They Don't Feel Like They Are Selling"

"How to Automate the Training of Your Staff"

"How to Market and Promote Your Fitness/Wellness Programs In Abundance"

(VALUE: $7,000)

Here Are the Proprietary TOOLS You Will Get

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     Sales Tools
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    Promotion Tools
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    Advertising Templates
  • check
    Sales Forms
  • check
    Menu and Pricing Forms
  • check
    Legal Forms & Disclaimers
  • check
    Apps & Resources List
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    "How To" Guides
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    Staff Training Tools & Videos (this alone is worth the cost of the entire course!)
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    Action Checklists
  • check
  • check
  • check
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    Elective Service, Add-On Service, Fitness and Wellness Program Creation Tools

(VALUE: $3,000)

If you Sign-Up Today, You Get Free LIFETIME Access to the PTR!

Our private members only area...

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    Step by step videos
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    Step by step instruction
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    Replay videos of training sessions
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    Download all tools and resources

So if you can't make one of the live training sessions, don't fret it. You can watch it later in the Power Training Room!

Go at your own pace.

(Value: $1,500)

(and Free LIFETIME Membership to the APC Private Group)

This is where other PT/OT business leaders and owners talk and share
ask questions, get feedback, and more.

(Value: $1,000)

If You Sign Up Today

1) The Core Program

2) The Live Weekly Sessions

3) All the Tools

4) Power Training Room for Life!

5) 12-Months of Support

(and Membership to Our Private Group)

Total Value: $12,500

I spent over 320 hours and $40,000 putting this training program together (tools, strategies, testings, promotions, creating videos, templates, forms, samples, and more), but I'm not going to charge you the full valued price.

This is how easy it is for you to get it all without having to labor, struggle or spend on your own and just get it quickly...


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Just $497 To Start
and 6-payments of $497
One Time Payment of $2,979 (save $500)

Includes 12-Months of Support After Course

**Just ONE cash package you sell typically pays for the entire cost of course**

30-Day Money back guarantee

You get a full 30-days to decide if you like it or not. If you don't like it or see results, just shoot me an email and get all your money back. 

 Keep everything you received up to then.
*Access to the Power Training Room and Private Discussion Group will be terminated.

Helped us go from zero to 2 clinics.

-Jeff Hohman (Hohman Rehab)

We wanted to turn our practice into cash and James made it really simple. I'm so excited!

Hands down one of the best decisions I ever made.

-Mindy Murray, OTR (Kit Therapy)

Wow... hitting $10k cash this month! Thank you James!

-Mary Kostka, OTR (Ohana OT)

These Two Were Extremely Skeptical

Watch video to see what they did...

This PT said,...

"I don't know if that's gonna work here."

Watch video to see what he did.

You have 2 choices...

1) Make a decisive change for the better today -or-

2) Do nothing and have everything stay the same.

Who it's NOT for:

If you don't think the time is coming where a 50/50 hybrid business model will be essential to success, it's not for you.

If you don't think fitness and wellness is an essential part of what we should be doing as therapists, it's not for you.

If you are "content" with insurances, documentation headaches, low reimbursement, relying on doctors, traditional treatment plans, and billing headaches, this is not for you.

Even though the method is easy enough for anyone to do, you gotta put in the work. I only want those who really want it.

If all this training program did was...

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    Get you an extra $10,000 in cash volume per month, every month. Moving you a giant step closer to decreasing your reliance on insurances and doctors, wouldn't it be worth it? 
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    Gave you all the tools, blueprint and ability to scale your cash client system as high as you wanted, wouldn't it be worth it?
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    Boost your confidence as a business owner and therapist where you had everything you needed to go 100% cash-based, wouldn't it be worth it?

My name is James Ko and I'm a physical therapist currently training practice owners in the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Dubai, and S. Korea.

I've been selling cash-based therapy-fitness-wellness programs for over 15 years and built, and scaled, 7 of my own personal clinics and have helped thousands of other PT/OT's successfully grow their clinics. Many of whom have achieved millionaire status within 2-3 years.

How is this different than other Cash Client methods?

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    The #1 difference is it's guaranteed to deliver fast cash results.
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    It attacks the root cause of why a clinic can't grow their cash clientele. Once that's removed, they can thrive.
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    Most all other cash client methods (or trainings) provide mere superficial tips that lead to weak or temporary results. This Method goes to the roots, is consistent, and leads to lifelong abundance.
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    Most other programs don't address the foundational problems that make success with cash clients nearly impossible.
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    No other program offers personalized live training and support from a Cash Client Expert that has been doing it for over 15 years with 7 different clinics.
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    It's more than a mere training program. It's a transformational revolutionary training course.


WEEK 1:  "How to Start Selling Cash Program in As Little As 7-Days!" 

How to overcome the deductible and co-pay issue. Train your staff easily. How to get paid upfront before you even incur the cost of services.

WEEK 2:  "The 10 Essential Tools and How to Use Them"

The right tools can make anything easy...especially Cash Client sales. From promotion tools, to activation and conversion tools, to authority building tools, to clinical and treatment tools, to advertising and sales tools. You'll master all of them.

WEEK 3:  "Where to Find a Pool of Your BEST Clients"

Cut-to-the-chase and go straight to your best prospective clients with a proprietary low-cost promotion channel. BONUS: How to use "Open-Clinics", "Workshops", and group classes to grow your volume.

WEEK 4:  "How to Increase Volume With Free & Cheap Advertising"

A great way to reach the masses in your community, is to use free and cheap advertising. Advertising doesn't have to be expensive. I show you the most effective ways to get in front of your ideal client, with the right message.

WEEK 5:  "Structure Your Treatment Plans That Drive Cash Clients Crazy!"

If you want to keep cash clients for life, you must deliver your services differently than you currently do with insurance patients. It's a hard truth pill to swallow but until you admit there is a problem you can't improve and explode your cash client revenue.  Demonstrating value is a skill--one that requires to be learned.

WEEK 6:  "The Top 3 Fitness/Wellness Campaigns That Sell"

Learn the most popular programs that are selling today. Get the secret to adding fitness and wellness in your therapy programs if you aren't already. And if you are, learn how to revamp it for success. Getting patients wanting to buy fitness and wellness requires skill. But you can learn the skill in 7-days. You will learn how much to charge, when to offer it, and more.

WEEK 7:  "How to Seamlessly Transition Clients to Fitness/Wellness During or After Therapy"

This is where you take your business over the top. Learn what to say, what to do, what tools are necessary, and how to do it. This is where you really achieve super success. Selling fitness and wellness dramatically boosts your revenue but your sense of fulfillment as well. Get all the steps and tools needed to make it happen!

WEEK 8:  "How to Increase Your Rates Without Feeling Guilty Where Clients Are Happy to Pay and You Feel Better About Your Business and Your Future"

I know you don't want to "overcharge" your patients. That's not what I'm talking about. Once you add fitness and wellness to your therapy program, you immediately increase your value. I just want you to put your education and training to work and charge a fee that's closer to what you are worth. After this module, you'll understand how this all works and why it's BEST for your patients/clients and best for you as well.

My Goal 

Is to help clinic owners move to 50% to 100% cash-based successfully in the shortest amount of time with greatest of ease.

The Goal of the Training

Is to end your reliance on insurances and physician referrals, and get you making over $200k by helping patients get fit and well, too.

So imagine…

Being able to tell insurances to "SHOVE IT!"

Walking into your clinic with the confidence to take your business wherever you want it to go.

Not having to deal with insurances, authorizations, and documentation headaches.

Being able to treat your way, everyday.

This is how easy it is to get started.


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Just $497 To Start
and 6-payments of $497
One Time Payment of $2,979 (save $500)

Includes 12-Months of Support After Course

**Just ONE cash package you sell typically pays for the entire cost of course**

30-Day Money back guarantee

You get a full 30-days to decide if you like it or not. If you don't like it or see results, just shoot me an email and get all your money back. 

 Keep everything you received up to then.
*Access to the Power Training Room and Private Discussion Group will be terminated.

The Cost Is Nothing Compared to What You Will Gain

Money spent comes back to you but time wasted you lose forever. How much longer will you go without making big positive changes in your business and career?

How long before fully realizing your potential?

This is not an expense.

It's an investment in yourself and your business.

...and it qualifies as a business write-off as well.


What if I'm primarily insurance-based, will I be able to implement this method?

How is this helpful for 100% cash clinics?

What if I can't make a live session?

What if I tried a coaching program but didn’t get results? How is this different?

Is this good for Peds Clinics?

Does this work for beginning clinics?

Do you offer CEU's?

What if I don't like it?

Can my staff watch?

Take a Giant Step In the Right Direction Now
Do it for yourself and your future.


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Just $497 To Start
And 6-payments of $497
One Time Payment of $2,979 (save $500)

Includes 12-Months of Support After Course

**Just ONE cash package you sell typically pays for the entire cost of course**

30-Day Money back guarantee

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