PT/OT's Have "Accepted" Mediocre Pay for What We Do for Far Too Long
...and It's Time for Change.

It's time to value our knowledge and skills more. It's time to acquire "power skills" that move us to the earning level of other professionals and entrepreneurs in our society. It's time to stop believing the lies told us by insurances, medicare and doctors, and place our value in the impact we have on a person's life. It's time to dispel the notion that our worth is any less than that of a physician or attorney. It's time to stop letting others dictate our potential and our future. That time is now.

THE MISSION OF APC is to help PT/OT's in private practice increase their "Take-Home" pay without working long hours, late nights, or compromising quality care.

WE HELP PT/OT's increase the value of what they do, get paid more, and improve their status in the community. 

WE DO THIS by providing the best step-by-step training on the planet on the most important skill that transforms their business, impact (on community), and profitability.

We know we are successful each time we create a complete mental and financial transformation in one of our fellow colleagues.

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